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String name = "Brandon Berookhim 👍";
String location = "Los Angeles 🌴";
String school = "University of California, Berkeley 🐻";
boolean isJobHunting = false; 🔍

SWE brandon = new SWE(name, location, school, isJobHunting);
brandon.setDegrees(new String[] {"Computer Science 💻", "Haas Business Administration 💼"});
brandon.setHobbies(new String[] {"bicycling 🚲", "ballin' 🏀", "efficiency ⏲"});
brandon.setPassions(new String[] {"rap 🎧", "food 🍔", "food 🍣", "food 🍕", "phones 📱"});
    "name": "Backgammon 🎲",
    "platform": "terminal 💻",
    "description": "After playing so much backgammon with my friends, I decided to program the game myself. I wrote it from scratch in Python in over 700 lines of codes, and added features like undo and multiple-piece movement. I am incredibly proud of the way the game looks in the terminal and how easy it is to play."
    "name": "Toothbrush Buddy 😁",
    "platform": "Pebble ⌚",
    "description": "Toothbrush Buddy, which has been featured on Reddit multiple times, has been one of the most popular hygiene apps on the Pebble Store since its release. It helps users brush their teeth thoroughly and for an appropriate amount of time."